Don't buy an iPhone buy my book

A collection of th...

By Jeffery Simpson

So you've got a lot of money laying around your place. Maybe you won a beauty contest, or maybe you passed Go a few times and collected your $200 stipend. I don't care how you've got that money burning a hole in your pocket, I just want you to know that you can spend it by buying my book.  That's right, my book.

Granted it's self-published from the online vanity press Blurb, but it's an actual book.  It's hardcover and bound, collecting my published newspaper writings from 1996-2006 that have appeared in the Phoenix, The Kelowna Daily Courier and eVent! magazine.  You also get some pretty awesome photographs, and a dust cover.  That's right, a real dust cover.

It's a sizeable book, with 168 pages of content.  I'm so confident that this book will be the greatest thing you've ever spent your money on that you can even see a preview of the book here [blb].

Okay, now I know what you're going to say.  You're going to say, "Jeff this is amazing, however your book is more expensive than this new Stephen King novel at Chapters.  Why is that?"

See the thing about these so called "professional" authors is that when they sell books they sell upwards of one hundred at a time to bookstore chains.  With that kind of volume they get discounts in printing, so they can keep their costs down.  Plus it's well known that Stephen King lives in the van that hit him years ago, so he's hardly got any overhead.

This is a book I made two years ago for a Christmas gift to my parents, that now I'm offering for sale via Blurb.