Let's go to Fiamma Burger


It's late, I should be in bed since I work early tomorrow morning at a new job, but I'm blogging about food.  Not just any food, the greatest hamburger you'll find around these parts.  Okay, sure it's in Bellingham but that's pretty close isn't it?  Fiamma Burger is a Bellingham burger joint and probably my favorite around.

That's right, better than Vancouver favorites like Vera's.  Using mostly organic and locally grown produce the meat is great, the drinks are great and the fries aren't bad either.  It's a most stop at for me now anytime I go to Seattle or venture into Bellingham, unless Lydia wants us to go somewhere fancier.

I went down last week with Nathan, and it was great.  The fact that they have good beer, and good ice lemonade is a definite plus.

I feel like this is all really cheesy though right now, so I'd better get to bed before I end up as a parody.