And then I started a photo blog


If I take a photo and it's half decent it generally will end up on my Flickr page [fkr], which acts as a storehouse for all my images.  That way if I ever need a specific image for a blog post, I can find it quickly no matter where I am.  Still the sheer vastness of what I put up there, I have currently uploaded 3,961 photos, means that browsing them can be quite a challenge.  So to start highlighting some of my favorite photos I've started a photo blog [jks].

I mean isn't that how I solve all of my problems, by starting a blog?

I'm going to aim to post a new photo every day, and talk a bit about how I took it and maybe even show some of the shitty photos that went into getting that one image that worked.  So far I've got three days worth of material up, and a few days into the future so staying active on it shouldn't be a big issue.  At least I hope now.

So check it out.