The one where the show introduces the new comic book guy

Husbandsandknives After work yesterday I went to Elfsar for Free Comic Book Day [fcbd], the international day (well US and Canada) where retailers give away free comic books to help build a new readership.  By the time I got there, about twenty minutes before closing, most of the comics were picked over so if there was anything particularly good I'd already missed it.  The ones that I did get were mostly the ones that were based off of kids' cartoon shows and aimed squarely at the early readers.  Also I got an Archie book.

I start work there on Wednesday, so that I suppose was my last trip to the comic book store without officially being the Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons.  Though I'd generally like to think that I'm more the newer cooler comic book guy that they introduced last year named Milo [swp] (voiced by Jack Black). 

Back when I was still in contention for the job at the new Vancouver Apple Store as well as Elfsar, and debating a future where I had part-time jobs at both, Jeff Weston joked that between the two jobs I probably could not get more pretentious. 

It's been awhile since I've had a job that I'm actually looking forward to.  I'm sure after a few shifts it'll get just as boring as any other job that involves mostly filing things into alphabetical order (I assume) and manning a till but at least for now I'm optimistic about the new part-time job.  The bad news is that I've not really got a lot of free time this month to spend with Lydia or friends.  The good news is that hopefully I'll make some money to start saving for this wedding thing.