Nothing to report... except a Mario Party!

Mario_party_8Sean Tamaki and I went to a group interview for the soon to be opened Apple Store at Pacific Centre [mbv]. It was mainly a meeting telling us why we should work for Apple, which I already knew I did. I've not heard from them since, though Takamki's gone back for a follow-up interview and looked certain to get a job. I'm starting to feel like I'm not about to get a call, which has left me a little despondent today.

How to cheer up? I suppose the only way to get happy is with a Mario Party, and that's what Lydia and I are doing right now. Later on we'll be heading to her house so that she can pack for her two weeks in Ontario visiting her parents.

That means I've got two weeks without my fiancee. Anyone want to be my friend? I've got Mario Party.