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I did not start the day with a headache, and yet now it feels as if someone has just walked up to me and hit me right between the eyes with a hammer. I'm not prone to stress headaches, so I'm not particularly sure where it's come from but it's making me feel physically ill.

Can't I go a week without being sick and wanting to vomit?

I need a week's vacation where I spend the entire time within about ten kilometres from my apartment. No driving, no chores, nothing but the simplest shopping for groceries and comic books. I am getting a bit of a vacation, a three day weekend that's running from Mondaythrough Wednesday for Lydia's birthday trip to Seattle. Seattle is hardly relaxing though, its stressful to drive around, find parking and make sure everything is going okay.

My next holiday is going to be Chez Moi. It's going to be fucking wonderful.

Edit: I should point out that I do enjoy travel trips, and that this trip to Seattle is going to be really fun.  I like Seattle, and going with Lydia means that it's sure to be a good time.  It's just not a relaxing good time.