The dropped iPhone

Broken iPhone

I've been hard on my iPhone since getting it.  I've dropped it half a dozen times and it's bounced back from every knock and bump that I've managed to inflict on it until last Wednesday.  While rushing to get out of my car in the Metrotown parking lot I let it slip out of my hand and it fell face first on the hard concrete ground.  Having dropped it before I was not worried, until I actually looked at the screen.

There is now a portion of cracked glass on the top left corner of the screen, as well there is a large crack running across the screen from that top corner across to the right centre of the screen.  It's a hard thing to capture in pictures, but it's pretty ghastly looking.  Amazingly enough the touch screen still works, and every other feature of the phone seems fine.  Lydia's worried that I'm going to cut my face on the cracked glass, but I don't think that's much of a danger.

At work we refer customers to a guy in Richmond to get their phones fixed, and I've used him before when I locked up my iPhone's software.  He's quoted me $180 to fix the screen, and since I paid for the phone with my Visa card I'm trying to get them to pay for the repair under their purchase insurance that they offer.  So ideally the repair will be free, but I'll have to see how well Visa honours that.

I've been thinking about switching back to my BlackBerry until I get the phone fixed, but after having an iPhone it's really hard to go back.  The idea of not having the internet on me at all times, and having to have both an iPod and a cellular phone seems to be almost a hardship.  Granted it's one of those pathetic middle class hardships that don't really matter in the real world, but it's there still.

Hopefully Visa will be standup guys and gals and fix this for me.

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  • Photo by: Jeffery Simpson
  • What: Cracked iPhone
  • Date Taken: March 28th, 2008
  • Camera: Canon EOS Rebel XTi [fkr]