Twittering, still

I've been Twittering for awhile [twt], and you can read my most recent posts at the right hand sidebar, but I don't really know anyone on Twitter.  Sure it's cool that I can see what Warren Ellis [wp] or Wil Wheaton [wp] are posting about, but apart from Rebecca Bollwitt who I know from Metroblogging Vancouver [m604], it's not like I've ever met any of these people, or are likely to meet them.

Lydia is freshly impressed with it because one of her blog reads Dooce is using the service [dc], but I think people still find it a bit weird and confusing or as I like to say weifusing.  What do you do with it?  It's probably more useful if you're actually communicating with people, and not just using it to short brief up dates about riding the Skytrain on your blog's sidebar.

Imagine if you will a scenario where my job has projects which I need to work with others on, say like we're making a new widget that will cure scurvy.  We'll call this device the Scurvy-Away-Device (SAD for short).  I can Twitter to someone "Hey the SAD lit itself on fire tonight, do you think maybe we can make it run on batteries and not babies?"  They could then Twitter back, "No.  Babies are tax deductible."  I could then Twitter back, "I don't think you quite understand tax law."

It's just like email, except with space limitations.  And you can read the email of Patrick Wilson of Weezer [twt]. 

Not convinced?  Well it's an enjoyable way to read the thoughts of some funny people, and it has the same enjoyment factor of a blog but it's actually much easier to follow lots of people on Twitter since by its nature they're having to be brief, unlike I'm being here.