How I spent my Easter :: the television holiday

Stewcolb34It's rare that I get a day off with nothing to do.  Since my days off sync up with Lydia's it generally means that I have to, you know, do things.  Things that require pants, showers and leaving the apartment.  Our plans never include sleeping in late, moving to the couch for two hours of recorded Smallville followed by about three hours of recorded The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report

I'd been stockpiling television for weeks now, never quite having the time to watch the episodes until now.  That meant an episode of The Celebrity Apprentice went before the tales of a young Clark Kent. 

Isn't Piers Morgan the greatest reality contest ever?  He certainly is the most qualified person ever to compete on The Apprentice.  Granted I can't imagine him doing the physical challenges on Survivor, or being America's Next Top Model, but for an outright schemer he's fun.  I'm very glad he's in the final two.

Easter is an odd holiday once you're older than twelve, or whatever the non-egg gathering age is in your house.  If you're not particularly religious and don't have kids it leaves you with nothing but trying to avoid sermons on television.  With Christmas there's still a gift exchange with friends or family, with Easter there's what, parasols? 

I didn't actually shower and get prepared to leave the apartment until about ten at night, when I started to get ready to go and get Lydia who unlike me was working.  On one of her late night shifts she was working the 3 - 11 shift at the hostel and it was my fianceely (not a word) duty to pick her up and bring her back to the apartment for cheese sandwiches and Medium and then a third season episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer on DVD.  It's the prom episode, which isn't exactly the most romantic thing ever.

Still we press on.  Tomorrow is a new day.  A working day.  A day with showers, pants and clean ears.  Tomorrow the PVR machine will record, instead of playback.