I got a new job, sort of

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If you've been reading the last few months you know that I've been looking for a new job the last few months.  Recently I've made progress on three jobs that I really was excited for, and I felt that I was in a good position to actually snare at least one of those.  In fact in my feverish dreams I was imagining a scenario where I had to choose between three great jobs.

Feverish dreams are best left to revenge and doubt.

After two interviews which I felt went really strongly I'm left with one offer of a part time job, one job where I haven't heard back despite assurances that the hiring was going to be done extremely quickly and one interview still looming in April. 

Though it was not quite the ideal situation I did take the offer of a part time job at Elfsar [es] a comic book store in Yaletown where I get my books every week.  It's a great store, and the pay is actually better than you're thinking it is right now in your mind.  Yes that number you're thinking, it's better than that.  The trouble is at part time I'm still staying with my current job, and the hourly part time rate is less than the full time rate.

Still with comic books the bulk of my monthly entertainment expenses the generous staff discount will be quite a savings.  Further the extra money is going to be handy what with the big wedding expenses looming down the road like a Jack Kirby Celestial [wp].  I always enjoyed my shifts at the Capitol Theatre in Westbank which I did while at university while working at the paper and Pacific Cellular.  It was not exactly a rest, but it was a nice reminder that work can be fun.  Hopefully Elfsar is a similar boost.

Plus hey, I've never had a real job where I can wear jeans and a t-shirt.  That'll some kind of wonderful.