It wasn't a hoax, I am getting married


From Garfield Minus Garfield [gmg]

Apparently there's nothing like an engagement announcement [jks] to boost traffic, and incoming phone calls.  I don't know if anyone who actually works at the store I do knows, though it feels like the entire corporate sales team has called to offer their congratulations.  Which I suppose goes to show you that my brother whose in corporate sales spends more time talking about my life at work than I do.  He probably talks about pretty much everything a lot more than I do, since he got the vocal chords and lungs whereas I got the good looks and wilily smarts.

Lydia blogged about our engagement a day after I did [ls], and quickly had several more comments than I got.  I'm putting it down to the fact that girls are far more impressed with this sort of thing, rather than that her blog is more widely read amongst her friends.  She probably also does have more friends than I am, since unlike me she doesn't make her companions sign a loyalty pledge.

Why get married, you might be asking.  Well apart from the fact that I'm totally in love with her, and can't think of anyone else I'd rather spend the rest of my life with, it does help me prevent from turning into the total middle aged loser that John Arbuckle from the Garfield comic strip is.

The wedding planning has begun in earnest.  We're trying to decide between having the wedding in Vancouver or Kelowna.  Vancouver is easier for planning, since that's where we are most of the time, while Kelowna is easier since my parents' house can act as a wedding venue.  Also Kelowna during the spring/summer almost guarantees dryness whereas Vancouver is far more touch and go weather wise.

There is also the question of the engagement ring.  For months Lydia sent me mixed messages about whether she wanted an engagement ring.  Sometimes she wanted a pearl one, sometimes one with diamonds, sometimes no ring.  So instead I bought her an iPod touch, which I figure has far more features than any ring.  Of course apparently that's not the point of a ring, so we're looking to get one.  We've been looking, or rather she has, at rings in the States since they're apparently quite a bit cheaper.  If anyone has anything they're trying to pawn, possibly made of white gold with pearls, please shoot me an email.