Still working on that dog thing

Hunter :: blur

It's been well over a year that I've been debating getting a dog [jks].  At the time I was informed by Ryan that not only would any dog I try to raise end up as a puppy juvenile delinquent, it would either end up assassinating a world leader or taking its own life in some kind of weird Michael Hutchence [wp] manner.

I had planned to sue for libel, but figured he was either protected by the opinion defence or the truth defence and decided not to call my lawyers. 

However I've continued to think about a dog.  The obstacles still remain, the fact that the days that I work I'm away from the apartment for slightly over nine hours between the eight hour shift and travel is the major roadblock.  The other being cost, which in of itself isn't much of a problem unless I'm having to pay an extra $20 a day on top of food, vet, toys, training and medicines.  I could probably convince Lydia to swing by the apartment after she finishes work, which is generally around 3 pm and about two hours into my shift, but it's an inelegant solution.

Can dogs be trained to take themselves out, also possibly do chores around my apartment while I'm gone working with Roomba to get everything clean for when I return?  If I get a small dog like a Boston terrier [wp] I suppose they might have trouble selecting the right floor in the elevator. 

Back to the drawing board.

Photo credit

  • Photo by: Jeffery Simpson
  • What: Hunter :: Blur
  • Date Taken: August 10th, 2007
  • Camera: Canon EOS Rebel XTi