I've got jobs on the brain and lions in the oven

Originally uploaded by Jeffery Simpson.

I've been a despairing about finding a few job for the last few months, and it's been a real dry spell for work in that regard. With websites like Monster it sometimes feels as if I'm just submitting my resume was the equivalent of throwing a coin down a well and wishing for a job. I knew it was out there, but if you're not physically handing it to anyone you're never sure if anybody is actually looking at it. The few bites I did get always turned out to be companies like Primerica which were pavement pounding sales jobs. If I wanted to be doing sales I'd be staying where I am now.

Recently though things have picked up, so much so that I'm no longer looking at theatre management as a serious career option. Indeed I'm actually looking at jobs that I'd really enjoy. I am wary of jinxing anything by talking about it too early, but I had a really good interview today with Seon Design Inc. [sd] for a media coordinator type job. They make surveillance systems for trains, buses and elevators and I'd be doing their advertising copy, helping set up for a few trade show style events and doing press releases.

I'm almost worried about a wealth of choice, having to pick between three different options. I'm also worried about winning the 6/49 and how that might change me as a person. Would I still be the sweet and caring person I am now if I had enough money to buy a solid gold statue in my own honour? These questions plague my dreams, though admittedly they're much more pleasant nightmares than the one about the chalk outline lion that comes from the oven to eat me. I understand the words "chalk outline lion" might confuse you, do not worry it is for the best that you do not go too deep into my inner mind's working.

All that is left to say is, "Wish me luck." I for one will be keeping my toes cross until such time as they become numb from lack of blood flow and begin to get gangrene.