iPhone blogging from Seattle

I didn't bring my Macbook to Seattle for the three day weekend, despite the fact that the hotel has free Wi-Fi and thus would be perfect for blogging on the move. Instead I decided to see if I could go with just the iPhone as my portal to the internet.

So far it is going fine. I admit aside from this short post and some Twitter action (look on the right hand sidebar) I haven't done much. While my blog service TypePad has a nice iPhone interface I've not wanted to screw around trying to post to Vancouver Metblogs. Not that I've even been in Vancouver.

Today for lunch we went to the Crab Pot down on one of the Piers where Seattle meets the sea. Large wooden mallets were involved and we both enjoyed the seafood. Then we trucked around Pike Place Market.

Tonight we go to the Dahlia Lounge for Lydia's birthday dinner.