My head feels like a Scottish moor

Maybe it was my eager anticipation of the Oscars but I've been wiped out with the illness since Sunday.  Bed rest has been the order of the day, so I don't really have much to blog about.  I was going to post about the Oscars but at this point there isn't much new to say about the awards ceremony besides the fact that as always Jon Stewart was funny and the musical performance from the film Once deserved the Oscar win.  I've included the YouTube video of the performance from the show above.

Meanwhile the only thing of note that's happened apart from laying in bed watching Buffy and a brief spell of assembling Ikea furniture, is that one of my photographs was picked up by a travel guide for inclusion on their website.  Sadly it's a non-paying thing, but I do get the photo credit for having my photo on the What's On When site [wow] and the British Airways site [ba].  The photo, below, isn't a great picture but it's of Go Fish in Vancouver which apparently there's not a great deal of pictures of.

Go Fish

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