Jeffery's Playlist for 02/22/08

Hospitalmusicf I recieved an email from a reader named Pawel Utko asking me to recomend some music.  It seems that he came across one of my earlier playlist posts and was really getting into Sloan and The New Pornographers thanks to my mention of "Deeper Than Beauty" and "Letter From An Occupant".

So here's a quick playlist using only the songs that are currently on my 8 gig iPhone.  I'm not going to write a big todo about each one this time, just trust that if you're interested in some good music that you'll use your internet skills to find samples of these songs and explore the catalouges of the artists a bit.

Think of it as your homework for the weekend.

  1. The Arcade Fire :: "Keep The Car Running"
  2. The Magnetic Fields :: "California Girls"
  3. Matthew Good :: "Black Helicopter"
  4. Moldy Peaches :: "Anyone Else But You"
  5. The National :: "Secret Meeting"
  6. Peter Bjorn and John :: "Young Folks"
  7. The Postal Service :: "We Will Become Silhouettes"
  8. Yael Naim :: "New Soul"
  9. Radiohead :: "Videotape"
  10. The Weakerthans :: "Tournament of Hearts"

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