And I tweet with the best of them

Powerbook keyboard

I just thought I'd point out a new addition to the blog over in the left hand sidebar, and it's my Twitter status updates. For those of you who don't have Web 2.0 ADD that forces you to try out each and every new graphical user interface toy that gets developed, you might not know that Twitter is the new hawt thing around the world. Or the blogosphere. It's micro-blogging.

Actually it's sort of like those Facebook updates "Jeffery Simpson is eating lunch" except without the need to sign up for Facebook. So now even if I don't have a new post up when you check in I might have a new Tweet (a Twitter post is called a tweet). Or I may not. I may tear it down in a week after getting bored of it and move onto something that lets me have a graphic of my favorite strength of milk. I'll be able to constantly update you on whether I'm enjoying skim or two percent.

If you have Twitter and want to follow me I'm JefferySimpson which is my name but without that inconvenient space in the middle of it. You can find me here [twt]. Nice and easy.