When my only job offer is Primerica I know something's gone wrong

Car crash out the window

If it feels like all I blog about anymore is my ongoing job hunt rest assured that it feels that way to me too.  I've essentially got two things to sort out, sorting out the whole OUC/UBC mess so that I can grab my last few credits to graduate from university and finding a new job.  I've been hoping to be able to structure my brief return to university around a new job, so I'm wanting to get a job first.  It's far easier to just pick up courses around a job than it is to find a job with the stipulation that I can not work during my courses.

Or that's the theory.  Either way the job finding is not going anywhere. 

As if to rub salt in the wounds fate threw a Primerica representative at me at work today.  I was helping a fellow look at PDA style phones and I had the sense that something was a bit off but it didn't occur to me what it was until later.  I'm not going to open this blog up to the sort of flame wars over whether or not Primerica is a scam, but when you're in any sort of job and you're half-ways friendly to a Primerica employee they will try to hire you.  So when trying to sell them something they're sizing you up because they know that they'll be trying to sell you something in a little bit. 

Back in Kelowna at the cellular store all of the employees were regularly approached by Primerica types.  As a multi-level-marketing type deal every representative another representative recruits means that they get a part of that new recruit's profits and that works its way up the ladder.  So like the Borg, vampires or zombies each person who pays their $200 and completes the four day training session is unleashed on the world to make new Primerica reps.  Getting a job interview with Primerica is about as easy as clapping your hands.

Which in and of itself does not make the job a bad one, but the fact is that it's a high pressure sales job.  Yes the numbers that they show about how much people could make are real, if you sold enough hundreds of thousands of dollars a year is an attainable goal.  The same goes for the job I have, if I sold enough cell phones I'd make a million dollars a year. 

Enough about Primerica.  I have to remain confident that something will break for me eventually.  For now though I'm seriously thinking about applying at the Starbucks in the hotel across the street from my apartment.  Not only would it be a very nice commute, I'd get a discount on the ice tea lemonades.