My first courses are complete

I return to school and finish two courses through the power of cramming large amount of highly caffeinated tea into my stomach and staying up really late.


Like a vampire I've been up late nights, but instead of blood I've been trying to suck my brain juice from my extra large head.  Instead of a thirst I've had school projects to do, and instead of living forever I've just given up sleeping to maximize my working hours.  My first two courses for the BCIT Technical Writing Program [jks] wrapped up this week with heavily weighted final exams and final projects.

It was time to brew some Earl Grey tea.

I finished my last project around ten this morning, after catching a full four hours of sleep after the exam.  The exam itself, for my Technical Editing course, was either way to hard or way to easy.  I was the first one done, and while there were a few terms that I did not know I feel like I got most of everything else.  It's hard to know if I was so fast because I missed things that I was supposed to edit, or because I've essentially either been freelancing or editing something for the past decade and a beginners course was a little too basic.

Ah hubris, my good friend, I've missed you.

I should have my final marks, or at least a good idea of what those marks are going to be, within a week or two.  Then I'll need to pick out the next two courses that I'll be starting in January.  The plan is to burn through this and finish sometime just after the wedding in August so I can start a new jobs with the big money paychecks to keep my trophy wife happy.