The arteries of Vancouver as still clogged with snow

Vancouver in the snow

V ancouver has been dealing with near record snow fall [vp] since near the start of December, and the city is finally getting the situation under hand.  I drove out to the airport today to pick Lydia up and there was no problem with the roads at all.  Oh sure Granville Street was still a bit too  traffic heavy for my taste, and I kept picking the wrong lane and thus kept getting stuck behind people turning.  But snow, well snow was not a problem.

Well it was not a problem until we got to Lydia's house.  As soon as you get off any of the major streets things get a little more dicey.  I'd found that out over the weekend when I went to Nathan's place.  Turning onto his street I was confronted by two ruts where car tires had worn down a path and then snow, lots of snow.  The snow srapped the bottom of my car as I drove down the street, and an attempt to turn around to get a parking spot ended with me being stuck.  Nathan and a guy drivng by were able to help me out, but once I got off that road I swore to avoid the side streets.

Now my car is parked outside of Lydia's house and I have no real confidence that I'll be able to get it out tomorrow.  As we were driving, following the pre-determined track that dozens of cars that have gone before had made for us, we saw one woman get stuck and two other motorists leap to her aid.  Since Lydia works early in the morning on New Year's Day, I'm not sure that we'll have as many people to help us out tomorrow morning if we are stuck.