My photography on Wired's blogs

My photo of my broken iPhone keeps popping up on Wired's blogs.  Too bad I'm not seeing any money love.

Broken iPhone

Almost every decent photo that I take ends up on my Flickr [fkr] account, which is an on-line photo storage site that doubles as a gallery. My photos, like this blog, is all covered by a Creative Commons license meaning that anyone can use them as long as they attribute the work to me, and as long as they're not making any money off of it.  So I'm sure my some of my photos probably end up being used somewhere, and most of the time I'll never know given how big the internet is.

Sometimes the internet isn't quite as big as you'd think.

I was checking through the Tweets of the people I follow on Twitter, when I came across one linking to an article on one of Wired Magazine's blogs [wm].  At first I was a little surprised to see a photo like one I took when I first dropped and broke my old iPhone, before I paid someone in Richmond $200 to fix it.  The fact that the picture was so similar that it included my work schedule, peeking out from underneath the phone, was kind of uncanny. 

This is actually the second time that Wired has used this photo on one of their blogs, as they did so a few months ago.  Both times the story was about problems with the iPhone and Apple. 

The first time my photos were used without me knowing was when eVent! [em] used one of my Matthew Good Band pictures in an interview with Rich Priske without letting me know or crediting me.  I ended up freelancing for them, so my loud editorials about a lawsuit that I published in the Phoenix never came to anything.

Having said that eVent! still owes me money, so maybe I should go back to threatening to sue.

Wired though, they can keep using my photos.  They're cool by me.