Oh Ketchup Chip, we stand on guard for thee

Americans don't just want to invade Canada for our water and our Paul Gross, nay they also want our Ketchup flavoured potato chips.

4087485_49fbc50814_b The idea that Canada has a fattening, unhealthy bit of food that has yet to make it big south of the boarder seems kind of counter-intuitive.  These people, Americans, will deep fry something then smother it in gravy and cheese and then top that off with more deep fried things just to sell it as a value meal. 

So a few years ago when I discovered that save for a few regional or specialty companies Americans do not have ketchup chips, I was shocked.  Well "shocked" might be too strong a word for it, more accurately I was mildly surprised.

Having grown up in a world with ketchup chips, it's natural to think of the combination as the most obvious flavour for chips there is.  BBQ?  Phshaw, who barbaques their french fries, and aren't potato chips just another form of the fish's favourite friend the french fry?  Potato chips are like the television to the french fry's movie, they're not quite the same thing but things do transfer between them well like the acting skills of Alec Baldwin or the taste sensation of ketchup.

And while American chip companies have yet to catch on and start marketing the ketchup flavour south of the Canadian - American Border, some enterprising Canucks are.  There are a few online services like Canada Only [co] that sell Canadian products to Americans.  Whether it's our teas or our chips and hams they'll send Canadian goods down to Yanks in need.  In need and with a credit card.


Photo: Selva Morales on Flickr.