The Georgia Straight Christmas party

Our hero goes to a Christmas party, drinks some beer and talks about how awesome the past was.

With Lydia no longer working full time at the hostel, and my work deciding that in the year of the iPhone money was too tight to afford a Christmas party, the only Christmas party that I got invited to was the Georgia Straight's.  Having written a number of articles for the Straight, with another two still in the can, I guess I'm not considered a regular freelancer and thus worthy of two free drinks and some appies.

The thing is unlike most jobs where you know the people you work with as a freelancer I've never been to the Straight office and apart from Stephen Hui who I know from my years in the Canadian University Press (CUP) I'd only met the Editor Charlie Smith once over a year ago for about five minutes. So since Stephen wasn't there when I arrived I basically stood in a corner picking at food as it passed by carrier by waitresses with trays. Thankfully Amanda Growe, the Straight's copy chief, and her boyfriend, introduced themselves and were my party Sherpas for the first while. Eventually they introduced me to my fellow tech writer Christopher Poon [gs] whose also an intern at the paper. Stephen showed up a little later, and the next few hours were spent reminiscing about our days in CUP, and trying to explain what CUP was to Christopher.

Normally I don't really like Christmas parties, staff gatherings or parties at all, but I had a good time. I met a lot of people who had clearly did a better job of planning their careers than I had, and so that was slightly depressing. Also hering about old CUP people who had gotten high powered media jobs, including Stephen, was nearly enough to send me to the bar to buy myself a few rounds of drinks. I didn't though, and as I said I had fun. It was almost had a CUP feel to it, though since nobody peed in anything inappropriate so it never quite reached that same fever pitch.

Because what's a party where nobody breaks health codes?