The election draws near and with it dark clouds

OMG! Evil!

apparently D.L. Hughley [wp] has a late-night news chat show on CNN. If I think of who holds down the late-night CNN slot, I would never have thought that it was him. This is the sort of thing that an election year does, it drives me to channel surf to watch a standup comedian that I've got no great love for, chatting with the Reverend Al Sharpton before flipping back to a very dry episode of the CBC's The Passionate Eye on the ins and outs of campaign financing for the Presidential election.

The narrator of the documentary seems like he's trying to sound like George Takei. It's earnest and dry, clearly on the side of Barack Obama. If it's meant to be propaganda it's not particularly engaging, if it's not... well it's still not particularly engaging.

The U.S. Presidential Election is drawing nearer every day. After the Conservatives won the Federal election here in Canada I Tweeted that I think every Canadian will take another term of Stephen Harper as long as in the karma tradeoff Obama won. Certainly if the election was held up here Barack would win by a landslide.

It's not being held here of course, and we're not able to vote. So we remain the cheerleaders in the football game of politics, unable to get on the field but quite happy to cheer on who we want to win. I'm sure that Americans who know about how closely we follow the election probably find it kind of annoying, the same way it was kind of annoying when John F. Kennedy tried to get rid of John Diefenbaker.

Even though the polls say that Obama is leading, it's hard to believe he's going to win. The way that some people in the states just irrationally hate him, it's hard to see it being an easy victory. I might not love Harper, but I'm certainly not angry about him. He's just sort of... there. Like wallpaper.

Tuesday we'll see what happens. Dark clouds or something else. I'm bringing an umbrella.