No money mo' problems


since my career seems to have stagnated into the job that I was doing while I was in university, I've started to look at more education to try to kick myself out into a better job market. I registered for BCIT a month ago and this week I'm going to sign up for my first round of courses that should run from October through to December. 

Thankfully I had one really good month at work, so I've got enough to get into my first two classes.  The trouble is of course that that month of sales was a perfect storm of factors that lead to cash falling from the sky.  The iPhone was released, the store was under staffed and it was a back to school month which is generally the busiest time of the year.  Most months I barely squeek by with the money I make, and with my strata fees going up it's going to be tighter.  I'm already stressed out about having to pay my car insurance in May, which is my single biggest expense of the year.

Of course worrying about money would not be complete if I didn't mention the recent stock market troubles.  Most of my savings is in Apple Stocks and they've lost over 50 percent of their value in the last few weeks, which easily cost me tens of thousands of dollars.  Now I think Apple's a strong company, and the fundementals of what they're doing is strong so I think in six months or so they'll have bounced back up which is why I don't sell now.  Had I been smart I'd have sold when it first started going down and bought in now to double my money.

Oh wait, I've also got a wedding to pay for.  Good thing I'm freelancing, too bad it's not as often as I'd like.