The one where I whine about not being able to hold my liquor


back in the days of my youth, before I was fast approaching 30 and when I could hold my liquor, I rarely if ever drank.  Well I rarely if ever drink now, but I'm more likely to have a social beer with dinner if I'm out with friends.  Those halcyon days saw me be able to drink pretty much anything and awake the next day feeling brand new, no matter how much I'd drank the night before.  These days that's not the case. 

A few weeks ago I stopped in at White Spot on my way home from work because the sky had opened up and unleashed a downpouring of rain upon me.  Unprepared for the rain I was in danger of not only soaking myself but the unprotected iPhone in my pocket.  Already looking like I had been picked up by my feet and dipped head first into a swimming pool up to my waist, I ducked into White Spot dripping wet.  Ordering a burger and a beer I waited out the storm.  The next day though that one beer had kicked my ass something terrible.  Even though I'd only had one beer, and had eaten food at the same time, I felt as if I was coming down from a three week bender.

Last night Nathan and I went to the Library Square Pub for drinks.  I hadn't eaten so I had food and a single bottle of Stella Artois [wp], and Nathan just nursed a beer.  After that we went home and watched Iron Man [jks] and played Rock Band 2 until one in the morning. 

Today I feel like someone hit me in the head with a shovel.