I've been in Iraq finding gold // a chat

Powerbook keyboard

I turned on my Adium today to find that I had a new MSN friend.  I generally ad everyone who requests to be my friend, and delete them later, so I allowed him and soon we struck up the following conversation.  I've only edited it to embed the links in the post, and to clean up his punctuation slightly.  I also removed his email address.

Also in my defense I'd like to point out that I had just woken up so the bit early on when I'm like, "Well if I didn't write you then it must have been Jeffrey Simpson of The Globe and Mail." is just my brain re-booting.

Lou Roberto Steve:
Mr. Simpson?

Jeffery: Yes?

Lou Roberto Steve:
you wrote me an e mail at <removed> right?  about a money issue on Iraq?

Jeffery: Er... not that I remember.  When would this have been?

Lou Roberto Steve: today

Jeffery: Nope.

Lou Roberto Steve: or at least, this guy used you name if its not you

Jeffery: Was it perhaps Jeffrey Simpson?

Lou Roberto Steve: no

Jeffery: There's a Canadian journalist named Jeffrey Simpson who writes for the Globe and Mail, the biggest paper in Canada.

Lou Roberto Steve: Jeffery

Jeffery: What address did it use?

Lou Roberto Steve:

Email: C.Jeffery@hotmail.com
> Respectfully,
> Capt.Jeffery Simpsons.

Jeffery: No, sorry that's not me.  Sounds like that's a fellow in the military and I've never been in.

Lou Roberto Steve: stupid

Jeffery: How did you get this email then?

Lou Roberto Steve: bah!!1

It was about this time that I began to Google Jeffery Simpson and
scam.  Thankfully most of what turned up was not about my attempt to
get the Kelowna City Council to pay for a new monorail system in town,
but rather a page about an email from an Iraq war vet who "found"
"money" and needs your help to get it.

Jeffery: Here

Jeffery: The third one down looks like it might be your man.  I think it's a spam scam.

Lou Roberto Steve: what is a scam?

Jeffery: Is the guy in the letter promising you money?

Lou Roberto Steve: more or less.  is asking to drive the money his unit found in Iraq to a secure place.  why me?

Jeffery: It's just sent out to thousands of people randomly.

Jeffery: Here

Jeffery: Is that the letter more or less?

Lou Roberto Steve: nop

Jeffery: Hmm... well I'd be careful with sending him money. 

Lou Roberto Steve: no

Jeffery: He'll say that you can get this money he found, but he's going to need you to send him a little bit to help him pay for getting it out of Iraq.

Lou Roberto Steve:  he is about to send the money he found in Iraq

Jeffery: Then he takes the bit you sent and you never hear from him again.

Jeffery: Right, but he'll say that he needs money from you in order to pay to get it out of Iraq.

Lou Roberto Steve: but they can take a part of the huge amount they have there.
what is a scam

Jeffery:  Right, but they'll say something like, "Oh you know we can't use this yet it has to be sent to Switzerland."  Or something.  They'll have a reason why they can't use that money.

Lou Roberto Steve:

Jeffery: Then they'll get your money. And vanish.

Lou Roberto Steve: roger

Jeffery: That's what a scam is.

Lou Roberto Steve:
vanish?  i am not so good in english i am from Panama

Jeffery: Ah.

Lou Roberto Steve:
how he got my mail?

Jeffery: It's just random.  He's really a computer and he just emails tons of people.  Lots and lots of people get this email every day.

Lou Roberto Steve: what is vanish?

Jeffery: Disappear.

Lou Roberto Steve:

Jeffery: Yeah.  You just won't hear from him again.

Lou Roberto Steve: ive sent you the mail. you are from Canada?

Jeffery: Yes.

Lou Roberto Steve: I am planning to move there. since there is a boom in jobs. is that right= If I go alone Ill get a job?

Jeffery: I suppose.  They have a fair amount, I guess it depends where you work and what you do.

Lou Roberto Steve: to stay in a house is expensive¿?

Jeffery: The Alberta oil fields are always needing workers.

Lou Roberto Steve: thats hard work right?  i am an Accountant

Jeffery: Ah.  I don't know much about accountant jobs.  You'd have to check, probably there are some good ones though.

Lou Roberto Steve: expensive type of living there?  too cold too?

Jeffery: I'd imagine it's colder than Panama.  Some parts are really cold.  It's expensive to live in cities like Toronto or Vancouver.  Other cities it's quite reasonable.

Lou Roberto Steve: roger thanks.  Ive sent you the mail I received

Jeffery: Okay.