It's iPod day


People tease me for owning a lot of iPods, a critique that I think is a bit unfair. Granted two iPods (a 4 gig Nano and a 60 gig video) might seem a bit extreme, but it's been some time since I bought an iPod and that was the inexpensive Nano. My main iPod, the 60 gig, is two years old and I skipped buying one last year when they only bumped up the drive space a little and added a few minor software features. I've been holding out for something big, something like the iPhone.

Because Apple needs to make deals with cellular carriers and they've only dealt with AT&T for now, the iPhone is only in the US, so I've given that a pass.  So for the iPod announcement I was looking for a few things:

- increased hard drive (at least 120 gigs - a doubling of my current iPod)

- larger screen for videos

- wi-fi and other iPhone features (touch screen for example)

Those would allow me to buy a new iPod to replace my 60 gig, and sell that.  What I got was those feature, though split between the new iPod touch [ap] and the iPod classic [ap].  The iPod with the new snazzy features only has 16 gigs of storage space, a fraction of what my 60 gig iPod has.  Now for every day use this isn't a big deal, but after spending a month in Europe recently I well understand the beauty of having a large music and video collection with me when I won't be at my computer for awhile.


So what to do? What to do? Having won (and then sold) a Nintendo Wii to Mac at work, my iMac to Nathan and soon my old iPod 60 gig to Ray, I've got money to buy new stuff. I can see the logic of getting both of the new iPods, one for music in the car and on trips and one for videos and web browsing, but still even I who bought Kelowna's first iPod (according to my logic) has a few issues with dropping that much money at once on iPods. 

I've already ordered a 16 gig iPod touch, did it today as soon as the Apple Store re-opened.  I'll probably wait before buying the classic, if I ever do.  Wait until I have another month long trip planned, and actually need the extra capacity, which could be awhile away and after next year's iPod Day meaning I can get the newest and coolest then.

My order's in, now all I have to do is wait.