The New Pornographers in Vancouver

A.C. Newman :: Commodore

I was actually a bit reluctant to go to the New Pronographers show last night.  The last show in my week of three concerts [jks] I was not really that jazzed about hanging out at the Commodore for two hours until the main show started.  After The Arcade Fire in Seattle and They Might Be Giants also at the Commodore I was felt like I was out of love for live music.  Thankfully I went, because it was a great show.

I wrote a slightly punch drunk review of the show for Metroblogging Vancouver [mbv], since I'm damn right exhausted after a long night bouncing up and down and shouting. I think my concert reviewing chops are a bit out of shape, since my review can basically be boiled down to "Yay, Neko Case and Dan Bejar were there, look at some photos!"  Not my best work, I'll admit.  Back at The Phoenix I could crank out solid gold on the drop of a hat.

Currenlty I'm waiting for the clock to run out on this shift at work so that I can go home.  Al Gore and David Suzuki [jks] are going to be drawing people to the hotel across the street from my apartment like flies, so thankfully I walked/Skytrained to work rather than fighting traffic in the parking lot I share with the hotel.  Hopefully I don't fall asleep on the Skytrain and spend the night bouncing between stops. 

Which of course has nothing at all to do with The New Pornographers show last night, other than it was part of the reason I'm quite haggared today.  Of course the fact that I made Lydia show me her tapped copy of the season premier of The Office probably did not help much.

So to re-cap: i) The New Pornographers get a thumbs up, ii) The Office is great and iii) despite going to see two leading enviromentalists speak Vancouver is still going to fill my parkade up with gas guzzlers. Damn hippie/yuppie hybrids.

Below the jump is a video I took at the show.

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