So I got myself an iPhone


This won't be my first post about the iPhone, in fact a few hours ago I actually made a post from my new iPhone [jks], but I do realize that I did not really tease the fact that I was going to get an iPhone on the blog here.  In fact as of a few weeks ago I was convinced that I was going to pass up on the iPhone, get the iPod touch instead [jks] and wait until it was officially released in Canada.  So what happened?

A few things happened.  The first being that though I did order the iPod touch on the day it was released it still is not shipping from Apple Canada.  I got antsy, I wanted to play with my new $450 toy and having to wait until early October was going to drive me buggy.

The next thing that happened was the touch was getting some lukewarm reviews.  For example iLounge [il] basically pointed out that the iPod touch is lacking a lot of features that the iPhone has (aside from just being a phone) such as email, does not have as nice a screen as the iPhone and is pretty much the same price.

Then there were two things that had nothing to do with me that occurred, and convinced me to go down to Seattle and buy myself an iPhone.  One was that the Canadian dollar reached parity with the American dollar for what I think is the first time in my life.  So a $400 iPhone in the US is now $400 Canadian instead of something like $650 which was how I'd used to calculate it.  The second was that I managed to find a (somewhat) simple method to unlock the iPhone so it would work with my Rogers sim card [hip].  The method of unlocking was neither particularly hard, nor easy.  It was mainly long and frustrating, but it worked.

Though he did not come with Lydia and me Neal was in on the purchase, so I picked him up one.  Unlocking my phone took the longest since I had to update the firmware first, but I'm pretty sure I can do them in about twenty minutes now having unlocked both Neal's and my own. 

Now it's time to try it out in the wild as I go to my comic book store [els] to pick up this week's books, and maybe grab a bite to eat.