I want to move to Tofino


Lydia and I went to Tofino and Victoria for our weekend, which is generally mid-week, so we've been out of town for the last few days.  I'd never really had any desire to go to Tofino, but Lydia had wanted to for awhile and so finally I broke down and agreed to go before the summer ended.  She booked us into the hostel in Tofino, but only could get one night there so the next night we spent in Victoria.

Tofino is really nice, I really liked it.  It's a town I could see myself living, granted with a Zip.ca account and regular Amazon purchases thanks to high speed internet, if I wanted to get away from the big city life.  It's small town like Barrhead [wp] used to be when I was younger and going to the farm my parents owned outside the town.  And you know when Tofino makes Barrhead look like a big town, that it must be small.  I'd move their tomorrow if there was a job opening, maybe writing for the local paper.

The only reservation I'd have is that like Kelowna, though more so, it's population balloons because of tourists during the summer.  I'm not a huge fan of living in a town and having to deal with tourists.  In Vancouver it's not that bad, because the city's large enough to take in tourists without noticing, but in Kelowna it's annoying and I'd image in a small town it would be even worse.

We didn't actually do much in Tofino, just walked up and down the main street for a few hours and then I taught Lydia how to play crib.  The next day we were off to Victoria to stay in a dive of a hostel, and visit with her high school friends.  We bought hats and ate more ice cream than we should have, and then came home.  All in all it was a nice vacation, and I'm certainly looking forward to going to Tofino again.

Anyone have a job for me there?