I'm so tired that my hard drive died

iPod: Hey Ya!

The external hard drive that I keep all my music on died the other day just as I was trying to update my iPod for the trip to Kelowna.  The OSX's Disk Utility still can see the hard drive, it just won't mount on my desktop and attempts to verify and repair it have failed.  So I'm at least temporarily cut off from new podcasts and any music that I don't have on my iPod.  How much of the 80+ gigs of tunes that I had on the drive do I have on the iPod?  I am not sure.  The songs that I didn't buy on iTunes are mostly in Kelowna in CD albums.  The iTunes stuff was only sporadically backed up over the last few years.

I'm still trying to recover from the brief trip to Kelowna, having to get up at 6am to write my article did not help in that regard.  Hopefully it was coherent. 

Tonight Lydia and I are going to see Superbad after work, which should be good.  I'm excited, and then after that its bed.  To sleep and dream of functioning hard drives.