How my art got into Value Village


I just got back from my second trip to Kelowna in the last two weeks, this time it was a quick one day jaunt down with Nathan for purposes of performance art. More on the performance art later, if it amounts to anything. As it was most of our time was taken up by driving around Kelowna taking pictures of things and admiring the recent burst of construction that has brought the city forwards into true Malltopia. We also managed to visit with Chad who I hadn't seen last week, since he missed all the non-official grad activities.

I've got some photography up of the trip on my Flickr page [fkr], though most of it is either scenic photography from Knox Mountain, or pictures of Chad, Nathan and I chilling at Joey's on the patio drinking giant beers and eating sushi tacos. 

Since I only had Tuesday off we drove down Monday after I finished work arriving in Kelowna at about 11:30 pm, and then drove back this morning leaving at 6:30 am and giving me just enough time to get to my apartment and then up to Metrotown so that I arrived only five minutes late at 1:05 pm.  It was drive-riffic.

As a side note we went to the Value Village [vv] thrift store in Kelowna and I found a t-shirt that I had actually made.  Pictured below this Phoenix shirt I designed along with Todd Leskie for the PWRCUP conference we hosted at OUC.  It seems that someone must have sold/gave theirs to VV, or the large box of extra ones that we had left over was given away.  There was also an UBC-O History Union t-shirt [fkr], which lead me to belive that someone (Brian Doubt maybe) that was involved in both the History Course Union and the paper had been donating to VV recently.  So there you go, something I created is in the museum of Value Village.