I live :: Kelowna

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I've been a bit busy blogging elsewhere [mbv] and have been letting my personal stuff slide. Which I suppose after the fairly depressing post that I left you all with last time, might have been a bit alarming. So rest assured that I continue to live, and have not let the bastards drag me down.

Lydia and I are in Kelowna for a few reasons, the first being my grandmother's 80th birthday party which is bringing quite a few of our relatives into town. In fact with the exception of my dad's parents and his one brother everyone who I'm really related to is going to be over tomorrow. Or today rather, given the late (early) hour.

The other reason is the ten year reunion that I did not attend today. However a few people (Ryan, Ashley, Vanessa, Justin, Ashley (Melle) and Justin's girlfriend who I'm not sure he introduced by name) came over afterwards and we reenacted the "Post Chad's Wedding Dock Party". Now that they've all left I'm pleasantly buzzed, and actually a bit disappointed that I didn't go to the reunion proper. Still there's no time to look back, there's Facebook Scrabble to be played, and sleep to save up on for family gathering day tomorrow.

Or today.