What begins with "r" and ends with "é"?

Time for a New Job?????
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If you've solved the riddle in the title you might have some idea of what I've been up to the last few evenings. To say that work has gone from being sort of boring to entering the survival of the fittest stage would be maybe a bit too dramatic. Still I'm one for drama.

Work has entered the survival of the fittest stage.

Or rather the bit where everyone seems to be talking job opportunities elsewhere, or have just given up on their current job altogether. Yesterday I worked for nearly an hour on my own instead of with two other people because one person was sent to hand out flyers at the Jazz Festival and the other one doesn't work Sundays so he just did not show up. Which worked well because the day before he decided he did not want to work and just got up and left halfway through his shift also leaving us understaffed.

Since so much of how I'm paid is based on how much I sell typically I'm happy that fewer people are around, but when there's not enough people it makes it harder to sell. It also makes it harder to sell when the first chance I got to eat anything the last three days was after my shift at 6 pm or later.

I've heard hunger is a good motivator, but really it's sort of annoying.

The past few days have moved me from looking for that perfect job, to just sort of looking for jobs in general. I'm still after that wonderful job I talked about before, but I've put a few other irons into the fire. For now though I'm hanging on. No matter what I'm not someone who's just going to walk out and stop showing up at work because I'm unhappy. I learned a long time ago that you want to give your best when you first start a job and just before you finish.

It might be 110% time.