Job search going on and on

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Sometimes it pays to listen to your girlfriend. Lydia and I had a discussion on whether or not adding your work references to the end of a resume was the thing to do these days. I had learned from Mr. Spilak, my Business Education teacher in high school, that if you did not add the names to the end you created more work for the potential employer who had to then track you down to get the references and thus all things being equal they would pass you by.

Lydia, and her friend Sarah, argued that it was customary to simply put "References Available Upon Request" and leave it at that and if the potential employer was interested they could ask for them at the interview. They had reasons, most of them good but none that I felt outweighed the advice of Mr. Spilak who promised that if we listened to him we'd all be millionaires. I've worked for the same company since 1999, and haven't done up a resume since then so I've got less experience than most. I apparently backed the wrong horse.

I found out that one of the jobs that I applied for, one that I was very interested in and felt extremely qualified for, was offered to not one but two of my references listed on my resume. The company phoned them up and left them both messages offering them the very job that I applied for. Apparently both declined to return the call. So I would like to take this opportunity to point out that at least as far as hunting for jobs in the 21st century goes my girlfriend is smarter than both Mr. Spilak and myself. It's a damn shame too, because the company is one of my all time favorite companies right after Marvel Comics.

Still the search goes on. Now if you'll excuse me there is a tug boat or a steamship apparently lost in the fog outside my apartment window that keeps making a loud baying sound as if it's expecting a lighthouse to reply. I'll have to go shoo it away.