I feel like I live in Flint

I found out on Monday that I am no longer having my medical or dental coverage provided by the company that I work for.  So aside from a 50% pay cut, I have to pay for medical and dental.  It's exciting isn't it?  If they could some how figure out how to get customers to travel to Mexico or India to buy cellular telephones I'm sure they'd be downsizing us as well. 

Seriously I'm feeling like I'm living in a Michael Moore movie.  Pretty soon I'll start blogging about raising rabbits and all the financial opportunities that such an endeavour would provide.

Meanwhile we're fantastically under staffed.  I think at least half of my shifts since the start of June, when the new company took over, have been lacking in employees.  Who knew that cutting people's wages and taking away their benefits would make it hard to keep stores staffed?