Review: Picturesque

This review is done for the review website Review Me [rm].  It is a paid review, though that does not affect my opinion of the product however it should be noted that I received a $5 to write this.

Acqualia touts its Picturesque [ap] imaging editing software as a cheap substitute to Adobe's giant Photoshop.  At $20 USD it certainly is low cost, but the question is whether or not it's a suitable replacement for the ever popular Photoshop.  The answer is, it depends what you're going to need.  If you're looking for a simple picture editor for putting photos up on the internet, then it might be worth checking out Picturesque.

An easy to use interface allows dragging and dropping of photo files right into the program and then all that's left to do is edit.

If you're used to more complex programs then the lack of features is probably going to be quite a change.  Resizing, adding background colours, rounding edges and adding shadow and reflection is pretty much the extent of Picturesque's powers, certainly not a Photoshop killer.  Still if all you're looking to do is clean up your photos for the internet, and add a little bit of visual flair then Picturesque is at least worth a look, especially since they offer a free trial.

The only drawback to the trial version of the software is that you'll be left with the sort of watermarks that you can see in my test images to the left.  Still it'll let you play around with the features and see if it's actually what you're looking for.  Myself I'll probably stick with my... err... borrowed copy of Photoshop.  However if I didn't have that Picturesque might be something I'd take a longer look at buying, in order to supplement the photo editing features in iPhoto.

OS: Works on Mac OSX 10.4 or later.