I ... Will Help ... My Friends
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Not Steve for once, but actual job jobs, as in I've spent last night and tonight working on my resume and in particular a cover letter for a specific job. The specific job is the sort of "pie in the sky" kind of job that would of course allow me to die happily, but if I get an interview it will be quite an accomplishment. Having said that I'm getting help from someone inside the company, so I sort of have a bit of idea on how to phrase things to suggest my qualities match exactly what the employers are looking for.

That's not to suggest that I'm lying. I'm simply casting some of experiences in a different light. I'm focusing less on the writing that I've done and more on the management experience that I have. Not to play coy but I'm not going to say what company the job I'm going for is until I'm either sure I will not get it or I have it. I will point out that as part of my preparation to apply for the job I bought a book on Agile Scrum software development management.

Having started on the resume making pathway I'm also looking at applying for less prestigious jobs that might suit me better than my current one. Right now though I'm basically just going through the websites of companies that I like and applying there, so this is not exactly a serious job hunt yet. Just testing the waters.

Below the jump is the very rough draft of my resume.

Relevant Work Experience

2003 – 2004

I was a regular freelancer for one of the internet’s most respected video game news and review sites. I wrote both reviews and larger feature stories on the games industry and the broader world of technology.

The Phoenix

Sept 1998 – June 2005

At the Phoenix, the student newspaper of the University of British Columbia Okanagan, I held pretty much every editorial position from writer to Managing Editor and Editor-In-Chief. As Managing Editor I was tasked with recruiting and managing the newspaper staff, both paid employees and unpaid volunteers as well as creating and managing a budget for the newspaper. As Editor-In-Chief I was tasked with guiding the editorial team to meet regular deadlines and produce a newspaper.

Campus Plus

August 2001 – June 2004

As a member of the Campus Plus Board of Directors I helped guide the largest student owned advertising agency in the world for three years. During this time we embarked on several ambitious projects, including modernizing our media delivery methods and oversaw an incredible growth in revenue in my region despite the loss of tobacco advertising thanks to new Federal Laws and a general drop in ad revenue in the fall of 2001.

Agent Magazine

August 2001 – January 2002

eVent! Magazine / The Kelowna Daily Courier

June 2005 – Current

November 2005 - Current

Pacific Cellular

June 1999 – June 2007

Digital Communications

June 2007 - Current

In a high pressure sales environment I have not only excelled for ten years working at some of Rogers Wireless’ busiest stores, I have also taken on the role of Senior Sales Representative which includes employee and resource management duties, working towards meeting monthly goals that build towards ensuring the company met its quarterly targets. During this time I received training in Acclivus Sales methodology and have several Acclivus certifications.


Post Secondary Education

Gaming and Computing History