Sore throat

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Today I have a sore throat, but since it's the least serious of the sore throats currently going around the store I'm at work. If I put my mind to it and upgraded my sore throat to a flu and missing voice combination then I'd probably be able to go home, but as it is I can't make that up-sell right now.

So here I am, at work.

Earlier today I was trying to get tickets to the White Stripes show, but Ticketmaster's website was being its usual buggy self. What status it is now I don't know. Lydia took over the attempt to secure the seats, and I think she's gotten some but my short term memroy is not at its peak today.

Did I mention I have a sore throat? I do. I went to Shoppers Drug Mart and bought some sore throat relief stuff. It's not working great. Maybe that's what's damaged my short term memory.

Now let me tell you about trying to get tickets for the White Stripes this morning. Oh boy, the Ticketmaster website was being a pain in the ass. Lydia's taken that project over, though I'm not clear on whether she's gotten some yet.

That and I have a sore throat. Or did I say that already?