Tomorrow we race

My second Forza car
Originally uploaded by Jeffery Simpson.
Still anxious to get some serious time playing deep into Forza Motorsport 2 for the XBox 360. Today I woke up too late to play any and most of the time I did have was spent dealing with the fact that the new White Stripes album did not seem to want to work in either of my computers. My iMac and my Macbook both rejected it, and iTunes kept freezing while the disc was in the drive. It's probably some weird copy protection but I'll go to HMV tomorrow and get the disc exchanged just in case.

Stupid DRM.

The fact that I don't listen to CDs and don't have a CD player in my home, aside from the drives in my computers, makes it pretty much worthless to me if it can't be read by computers. I could listen to it only in my car, I suppose. But I want to race, and my car can't go as fast as I can in Forza, in video games.