Back at Metrotown

Victor asks for peace

Originally uploaded by Jeffery Simpson.

I am back working at Metrotown, having started there last week when I got back from my Europe trip. The idea was that since Digital Communications (the new company that bought out Pacific Cellular) is paying less in way of comission then I had better go to a store where I can sell more. How much less will my commissions be? Potentially 50% less.

50% is a heck of a paycut. That's not quite exactly how much it'll work out to, but it could be a good chunk. Offsetting that by selling a good deal more is pretty much my only option for keeping from defaulting on my mortgage and ending up in a soup kitchen on East Hastings.

Okay I'm being dramatic. Still it's good I'm going to be going back to school. I've been admited to Simon Fraser University so we'll see how that goes, and we'll see how quickly I can get done my 10 year+ BA degree. Once I'm done my degree then it's time to start the rest of my life.

Yeah that's the ticket, I just need to get a degree. And a new pair of ruby slippers to click my heels and wish really hard.