Beckham´s last night in town

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Arsenal were not home in London when we where there, the English football season ending a few weeks before the Spanish, their last game was in Portsmouth the Sunday before we left for Paris so since it was sold out I did not make the trip south to see them play. Disapointed I had pretty much given up all hope for seeing a European football match while I was here, but things fell into place yesterday.

Real Madrid were at home to Deportivo and on the off chance there were still tickets for the game, the last home game of Madrid´s season, Lydia and I went to the stadium in the early afternoon to have a look around. There were tickets and after about thirty minutes in line we had spent €50 each on tickets to see Beckham´s last game in Madrid.

At the end of the season the former England captain is off to the LA Galaxy, and though I´ll be seeing him when he swings through Vancouver when the Whitecaps play the Galaxy in a friendly match, it was nice to see him playing at the highest level. Also, if you ever do get a chance to see a game in Spain take it. Though I´m not nearly as big of a Real Madrid fan as I am an Arsenal supporter, it was incredible. Canucks home games have nothing on it, especially given the stadium holds nearly 100,000 people.

Today we went to an out door market that was jammed with people, and then the Prado museum which was also jammed with people but not as many. Now we´re both doing a bit of blogging before tapas.

* Note, it turns out that Beckham has one more home game before leaving Real Madrid, though it´s not for sure he will play it seems instead that we saw his second last night in town.