Barcelona: It´s not all Nou Camp

Barça vs Milan '05-06
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We´re underground in an internet cafe off of Les Rambles, the crowded street market / tourist trap that I mentioned last time. We´ve hit the Aquarium, and a number of the other sites including Nou Camp the home of Barcelona Football Club (pictured). There we took a tour of the grounds and the musuem. There was also a cheesy 3D video that we watched, but thankfully that was included in the price of the tour.

Tomorrow or the next day we´re going to the zoo. Today we´ve spend shopping and interneting and later we´ll be doing our laundry. The exciting life of visiting Spain.

Meanwhile my ATM card is crying because I am very mad at it´s inability to provide me with any money. At first I thought that this was because I was using a machine that wasn´t compatible with my bank, but it turns out that my bank is simply out of money. Or rather my account is out of money, I assume that Scotiabank is not going out of business.

So yeah, halfway through the trip I´m poor. Thankfully I paid for this week in the hostel, and hopefully what ever hotel or hostel we end up staying at in Madrid will take Visa. My Visa has lots of money, it´s just expensive to use (a 3% charge for use in Europe) and not everywhere takes it. So I´ll see how long I can stretch the 50 Euros left in my wallet and hope I can last until my next payday.

Ryan told me not to whine about being in Spain, and so I´ll try to avoid it. The weather has been nice though I´m not built for warm weather, my skin burns under a light bulb´s heat, and things like the Aquarium and Nou Camp have been fun. Not counting the rest of today we have two more days in Barcelona and then Madrid.

Meanwhile I have no idea what´s going on in the world. Is Stephen Harper still the Prime Minister? Is Bush still the President?