Paris: yes there's more of it

  A beautiful day one year ago 
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I've never gotten along with France and that's still ongoing.  A thaw in our Cold War seems to be off the table especially given how difficult I am finding it to actually type on their gosh darn weird keyboards.  The letters are all movedaround and it's back to hunting and pecking like in high school typing class.  My article took so long to write today, even though I had it mostly in my head to begin with.  It got written though, so at least I will be able to afford beans upon my return.

From the luxury of the Hilton Waldorf in London where we stayed in the best bed in the world on my parents' dime, we finally found a hotel for 54 euros a night.  I'm faced with the realization that I am not a world traveler and that to be one I need to at least double my hotel budget if not treble it.  Being away has shown Lydia that she likes Vancouver less than other world class cities such as Paris and London it's shown me that Vancouver is the place for me.

Oh sure I'd love to be rich enough to pop over to London and watch a few Arsenal games a year but I'm not cut out for being a hosteling backpacker.  I like my apartment, my soft bed and my 24/7 internet access and English language television.  Consumerist?  Maybe.

I think I've decided to throw out Amiens for EuroDisney, like visiting a weird and twisted version of the American Embassy.  Judge me if you'd like, but right now I think I need it.