Super Socco :: one is never enough

Originally uploaded by Jeffery Simpson.

As you might know I've been looking for Super Socco pictures for awhile [jks] and I've just got another good one thanks to a comment left by a reader named Jay.  So here it is from a Vancouver Canucks program the might fruit drink we know as Super Socco.  Stand back, be amazed.

Also you'd be surprised how many people end up finding my blog through Google when they search for the term Super Socco.  It seems like the drink is one of those things that a great deal of Canadians, especially British Columbians, who grew up drinking it miss for nostelgia reasons and yet because it's a niche thing that only really existed in Canada it has not been tapped like other '80s icons.  You don't see people with Super Socco t-shirts the way you do pretty much everything else as the Urban Outfitters of the world try to tap into our collective social history.