San Francisco: Day #1

Img_0663As I mentioned yesterday packing was going to run late [jks].  It ran a lot later than I had expected and I only managed to get two hours of sleep.  I caught a few more hours on the airplane from Vancouver to San Francisco so right now I'm running on a total of four hours of sleep.

We got in to town and went to the Hilton that we're staying at.  After putting our bags in our hotel room the lot of us went down the wharfs for lunch.  Our group got splintered off until it was just my family and Ken Lee who works at head office on the tech end of the company.  After lunch we went to the San Francisco aquarium which includes one of those things where you go through a walkway and the aquarium is all around you [flkr].  That got my mother in the mood for more animals so we then took a taxi to the San Francisco Zoo.

After the zoo we got back to find that everyone else was at a corner sports pub watching the Canucks game.  Since it was right beside the Hilton it was filled with Canadians who had nowhere else to watch the hockey game, and so the bar was heavily in favour of Vancouver.  Sadly our trans-national bar karma was not enough to lift the Canucks to victory.

From that I've just been stealing Wi-Fi in the hotel room to upload photos to Flickr until I pass out on the pull out couch.  That should be soon because I'm goddamn tired.  I just have to write an email to Lydia and then it's time for some sleep.