The Whitecaps and packing


My second Whitecaps game of my season tickets was tonight, and since I'm going to be missing two games while in Europe I was anxious to go.  The tough part was that the game started at seven, which was the exact same time my shift at work ended.  Leo had given his shift to Louisa who always has to leave by 4:20 on Saturdays for church so there was only me to close.  I hurried and made it out right at seven, but had to back track a bit to get Lydia who was at a friend's house.

We arrived at Swangard Stadium, which is in Burnaby, about three or four minutes into the second half and went right to our seats.  The stadium was packed, which was quite the change from last week where because of the Canucks' playoff game it was mostly empty.  Though I do think it was children's night or something, because there was an awfully large amount of children.

The game ended in a 2-2 draw, and now I'm blogging about it.  Which tells you how badly I must be trying to procrastinate if I'm blogging about a tie game.  I'm supposed to pack now for San Fransisco but I'm just stalling.  I've got to be at my parents' apartment by 5:30 am tomorrow so we can share a ride to the airport, so clearly I should already be in bed.

Oh I'm going to be tuckered tomorrow.