I hate Apple's webmail

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The other day I wrote about how much I dislike printers, and how I've never had a really good printer experiance [jks].  Today I'm going to complain about something else, something Apple made.  Today I'm going to complain about Apple's .Mac webmail.  .Mac is a suite of services that Apple offers for a yearly subscription which includes online back up, a .Mac email address and being able to keep multiple Macs in sync with each other. 

Generally I like the iDisc which is a way to keep files online, and I use the email as my main personal email.  Also the ability to keep all my contacts, iCal appointments and bookmarks the same across my two comptuers is great.  The trouble begins when I have to throw my work PC into the mix.  Bookmarks work fine, but there is no way to use iCal with it (no web interface that would allow me to add or edit appointments) and the web mail is terrible. 

Terrible.  It looks like it belongs on a Mac but it just is so clunky and unusable that I'm starting to loathe .Mac email.  .Mac email works fine with my Mail application on my Macbook and iMac and it works fine with Thunderbird [tb] but it's just crap when used via the webmail interface. 

Now Apple's argument is going to be that webmail isn't as easy to control over a program that runs on their software on their computers with their OS.  To which I agree, and I will admit that some of my problems come from Internet Explorer's childlike inability to distinguish between popups that I request and popups that are spam and so blocks everything.  Having to set exceptions to an action every three minutes is not fun, but that's something I've gotten used to with Mcirosoft stuff.

But webmail can work.  I'm fine with my company's corporate web mail which is run through Microsoft Exchange and Gmail's online system works great.  So WTF Apple, why have you dropped the ball so badly?  Why is it slow, clunky and non-intuitive?

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