Hot Fuzz: Best movie ever?

Hot_fuzz_poster_one_sheet_s Is Hot Fuzz the best movie ever?  I can't say for sure but I certainly laughed more at than I have at any other movie for quite some time.  I think the last movie I laughed at anywhere near as much was Borat and this is by far a better film than that. 

The humour, as well as style, of the film is similiar to Shaun of the Dead which you'll notice features the same two actors.  Simon Pegg is great fun, and if you have ever laughed in your life you should go and see it.  I you have never laughed in your life then maybe you should also go to see the film, just so you can feel what laughter is like.

I'll be going again tonight with Lydia, since I had promised to go with her but cheated on her with my brother and MC last night.  Maybe if they will let me I'll move in and live in the theatre, living of hot dogs, pop and popcorn and spend my days watching this movie.

Trust me, it's that good.